Have you ever seen my stand?


Sooo… i’m back from the River Music Festival!
This Friday and saturday I had a wonderful time there with some friends of mine since we shared the marketplace.
I love to do so, it’s such a great way to get in touch and know better all those wonderful people that surround you that you never have the time and occasion to spend time with.
Sharing the stand, instead, take all of you in the same place at the same time.
I guess you all know what Holi party is all about, so I’m only posting this shortened video about the party we were at on saturday afternoon :)

Since we had to be there from 3 pm to 3 am, we had to stay away from the dusty mess, but we found our way to Continue reading

Some very juicy news | Getting ready for “River”

Yup yup, I’m actually working to produce! 
On This weekend coming I’m going to take part to the River Music Fest in my city with my stand! <3 I made some new nice pieces to sell there, in addiction of my bags as i usually have (You can see them in my Etsy store, click here!).
I took some pics to let you see what I prepared… ready for some juicy news? ;P

Of course I made my beloved button pins, they can’t miss on my table…

I have with me also these little resin earring studs… some of you might have seen them as preview on my Facebook page ^_^IMG_20150712_185840 Continue reading